Today’s Class was the first class of the beginner Capoeira Class, taught by Professor Caçador, and co-instructor Alice, for their bio’s click here.  These two instructors are great at what they do, they get the children’s attention and keep it throughout the class.  The kids seem to all thoroughly enjoy the class from the minute they start, until the end of the 1 hour class.  Here are some pictures of Professor Cacador and Alice teaching Capoeira to the kids, Xoe is the one in pink.

The classes are held at The San Pablo Community Center, 2450 Road 20, San Pablo California.  It’s an impressive community center, one of the nicest I have ever seen, they even have a coffee shop inside that makes the best cappuccino I have ever had.  The community center is clean, warm, and inviting.

Xoe’s Capoeira class is every Saturday from 10:00am to 11:00am.  The kids learn some pretty cool moves right away, in the first class.  When Xoe came home the first thing she wanted to do was practice her new moves, and what she learned.  She’s excited that she is going to learn how to do a cartwheel.

The following are videos on YouTube of some of the moves Xoe learned in Capoeira class today:

  1. The Frog
  2. A basic move, I can’t remember what it is called…
  3. Xoe doing pushups

and here are some more pictures of Xoe learning Capoeira.


I completely enjoyed watching the class, I find Capoeira to be somewhat fascinating.  It’s a martial art, a dance, aerobics, acrobatics, and stretching, all in one art form, Capoeira.

Just look at how happy Xoe was after class, they took a water break and she ended up wearing it, lol.  But that smile says everything.  She and all of the other kids left the class happy, and exercised.


If you live in the Bay Area, I urge you to seek out Capoeira classes with Professor Cacador and Alice, they are a great team, great with kids, and they also teach adults if you are interested.  For more information on this and other Capoeira classes they offer, visit their website